Bernard Dick - Artist

Biography and Statement

Bernard Dick is a contemporary artist who lives in Rochester, New York.

His subject matter is often images from his many travel snaps and photographs from around the world. He also has a series that is based on old family portraits or family snapshots. His most recent work includes plein air size pieces of lanscapes.


The medium I use is digital and falls into two categories.


In digital "painting" I create images using a digital sketch pad plugged into a computer so that it will interact with a painting software program. As I move a stylus acoss the surface of the pad corresponding strokes and colors appear on the computer screen.


The software program I use offers a variety of virtual tools and brushes that can be used. I most often use the "oil" brush. A full spectrum of virtual colors in a large range of tones and intensities is available. I merely touch the virtual brush to the virtual color and begin "painting" in that color. To change color I touch a different color in the palette that is represented on the screen.


Most of my earlier work utilizes a ‘photo digital art’ technique in which I manipulated a scanned photo or raw picture file followed by digital "paint" strokes as described above. I used only my own photos.


Whichever technique I use --digital "painting" or photo digital art-- there is nothing to hang on a wall when I have finished. The painting is on the hard disk of a computer. There are only two ways to view such images: (1) on a computer screen/monitor or (2) as a print-out of the digital image. I have the files professionally printed and framed for the purposes of display and sales.


Each print is individually signed and is accompanied by documentation of originality. Editions are limited to a maximum of three or five; no more than 3 or 5 prints of that image -at that size- are produced.


I have been creating digital art since the fall of 2015.


Bernard Dick received an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1969. He taught high school studio arts for 32 years. Retiring in 2001 he began doing volunteer graphic design work for a local Knights of Columbus Council in Rochester.





  • February: Solo show, MuCCC Theatre / Gallery, Rochester, NY. Thirteen works
  • February/March: Membership Show, Genesee Valley Arts Council. Two pieces
  • April: Solo show, Starry Nites Cafe, Rochester, Approximately 10 works
  • August: Solo show, Gallery Espresso, Savannah, Georgia. Twenty-two pieces
  • September: Solo show, Canaltown Coffee Roasters, Rochester. Nine pieces
  • October: Show with Dr. Charles Nitsche, Genesee Valley Arts Council. Eight works
  • October through December, Fratelli's Resturant, Avon, NY. Nine works
  • November: Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Membership Show. One piece
  • November: Village Gallery of Calendonia, NY, Community Show. Two works
  • November and December: Dansville Art Works, Dansville, NY. Winter Show, 5 works


  • Group Show Little Theater Cafe, Rochester, NY. Two pieces.
  • Group Show at Dansville Artworks, Dansville, NY. Four pieces.
  • September: Solo show at "Canaltown Coffee Roaster", Rochester, NY. Eight works.
  • July: Solo show, LittleTheater Cafe, Rochester. NY. Twenty plus works.
  • May: Solo show, Dansville Art Works, Dansville, NY
  • March 11-31: Juried show: "Image: Exploring The Influence of Photography in Contemporary Art". Globeville Riverfront Art Center, Denver, Colorado. Two digital photo art and digital painting pieces.
  • March through April: VB Brewery, Victor, NY. Twenty-five works.
  • Feb. through Mar: Juried Photo Show, Dansville Art Works, Dansville, NY. One photograph
  • Jan. through Feb: Tap and Mallet Pub"Rochester, NY. Twenty-four works


  • November: Starry Nites Cafe, University Avenue, Rochester, NY. Five works.
  • Oct. through Nov: Fall Show Dansville Art Works, Dansville, NY. Two pieces.
  • October: "Java Junction", Main Street, Brockport, NY. Thirteen pieces.
  • July: "Gallery Expresso", Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia. Twenty pieces.


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