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Plein air painting is new to me. I did a trial set-up yesterday but only toned a panel. Today went on location and selected a view. It was sunny when I started but cloudy an hour or so later.


I will have to use liquid or gel retarder to keep the acrylics moist enough to blend/work. I was wondering if that was going to be necessary. Now I know.


I found myself abandoning my selected color harmony and trying to imitate the natural colors. I do not want to do that but the out doors was just overwhelming. I learned. I plan to adjust the colors back indoors.


Happy to have the umbrella to shade the palette and painting or the paints would really be impossible to work. I mist the palette but will probably have to start using sta-wet palette paper as well as retarder.


Need to get a stool for an occassional rest.

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