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How were these “digital” paintings made?


My “paintings” are actually digital prints (giclee prints) of virtual paintings created by using a computer software program and digitizing sketch pad.


The process used in creating these works is a combination of a ‘digital photo-art’ technique and a stroke-by-stroke, brush-in-hand type technique but the canvas and painting tools are digital.


In the first stage known as 'digital photo-art' a photo or sketch is opened in the painting software program and manipulated into a new image with the help of digital tools. The photos can be manipulated by repositioning and distorting shapes or areas within the photographs. Colors and textures may also be manipulated or ‘played with’ to discover possibilities.


Once a somewhat basic composition is developed, a traditional stroke-by-stroke, brush-in-hand type technique with digital colors and brushes are employed on separate layers to develop the work.  The compositions may continue to undergo change even in this stage by adding new shapes or colors or textures.


The stages of development in the works are the same as in a traditional oil painting: simplified large areas of color and tone are filled-in first. Increasingly more specific details are then added until the work is finished.


When a digital artist is done, there is nothing to hang on a wall. The painting is on the hard disk of a computer. There are only two ways to view such images: (1) on a computer screen/monitor or (2) as a print-out of the digital image. The files are printed out for the purposes of display and sales.

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