Bernard Dick - Artist

A little of my "Imaginarium" show in Irondequoit, NY until mid-July.

I had a return show at "Starry Nites Cafe" in downtown Rochester, NY in the arts district. It is a very popular bohemian type place that is always busy. One nibble but no sales this time around. My subject matter this time around was too personal (mostly family portraits) for sales. The one nibble came through my website which the individual went to after seeing the display in the cafe. Anyway, lots of complimentary comments. All my business cards and bio flyers were pick-up by patrons.

"Gus and Lena of Dansville"

"Little Blue Esquire"

It was 2 years ago that I held my first showing of digital art. I was able to fill the walls of Gallery Espresso with 20 pieces. The response was very positive.


Gallery Espresso is a neat bohemian type cafe right in the middle of old Savannah with lots of local as well as tourist traffic! I am excited to be going back.


My work has changed considerably since then, figurative now and more painterly. Also larger. I have enough work right now to show but I would like a few more new pieces in my more recent style.


Below are some snaps from the 2016 June show at Gallery Espreso

Here are the beginning stages of a digital "painting" of me with my mother. I use the same approach in all these paintings. It's really the same approach as if I were working in oil paint.


In digital art you can make use of layers. In this case there is an initial sketch layer that can be turned on and off. Tones and local colors are added in a level below the sketch layer.


"Mistakes" can be deleted by back spacing steps. The stylus also has an eraser which is helpful in the sketch stage.


If there is a reference photo or color sketch, a "color picker" in the software program allows you to touch the color area of the photo to copy that color so you can paint with that color/tone. Fulfills the same function as color/tone matching the traditional way by mixing and holding up the brush loaded with the color to compare with what you see in the original scene/subject.

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