Bernard Dick - Artist

Twenty-three of my works are now on display at the "Tap and Mallet" Irish pub in Rochester, until the end of Frebruary. 381 Gregory St, Rochester, NY.

"Destinations", my show of digital paintings and digital photo art, begins a new run January 19 through to the end of February at the "Tap and Mallet" Pub  in Rochester, New York. The lastest show includes new as well as older pieces. About 20 pieces will be exhibited. The Pub is open daily 11:30 AM until 2 AM Monday - Saturday; 4:30 PM - midnight on Sundays.



Did this on the plane --and layover-- from Savannah to Rochester. Art Rage is a wonderfull paint program. Acts and feels just like paint.

"Karlovy Vary" (Czech Republic) was sold as a result of the display at Java Junction in Brockport, New York. That makes two sales from that show. These are giclee prints so additional prints may be ordered. (I now limit an image to three prints. So, two more prints of "Karlovy Vary" are still avaiable.)

Through the end on November. Daily 9AM - 9 PM.

696 University Avenue, Rochester, New York

Below is a documentation form that I fill-out and give to the purchaser of one of my digital prints.

A small show for me will open November 3rd at the "Starry Nites" cafe in Rochester, New York. The cafe is in the "neighborhood of the arts" in the city, 696 University Avenue.. "Starry Nites" is a comfortable bohemian type place with a Van Gogh theme. It serves coffee and pastries as well as lite meals. My display will be up until November 30th. Open daily 9AM-9PM.

Giclee print on canvas, framed.

17" x 24"

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