Bernard Dick - Artist

My acrylic washes are "crawling" at 50 degrees.

Still too cold out for plein air, at least for me. Doing some small pieces from snap shots I take while walking around the neighborhood everyday.

"35=5" at MuCCC in Rochester, NY. Group show of thirty-five artists who had solo shows at MuCCC over the past five years. Each artist is showing one piece. "Gus and Lena of Dansville" was my submission. It is 100% digital, created with "ArtRage" painting software and printed on stretched canvas.


Too many artists still have no idea how a painting software program works! Most are totally mystified. Overheard one fellow exhibitor exclaim, after reading "Digital Painting" on the title card, "I have no idea what that even is!"

"ArtRage" is the digital painting program I use. Oils, watercolors, pencils, charcoal, pastels, pens, markers and a wide range of tools for each. Very professional. Includes "layers".

Show runs through the middle of March, "New Deal Gallery", Murray Hill Drive, Mt. Morris, New York

(above) Selfie with "Summerville Beach, N.S."


 (above) "Lake Mayer, Savannah" sold during the opening reception.



"Starry Nites Cafe"

16 x 20 inches


"View From the Deck"
11 x 15 inches


"Low Country"
11 x 15 inches


"Lake Mayer, Savannah"
16 x 20 inches

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