Show runs through the middle of March, "New Deal Gallery", Murray Hill Drive, Mt. Morris, New York

(above) Selfie with "Summerville Beach, N.S."


 (above) "Lake Mayer, Savannah" sold during the opening reception.



"Starry Nites Cafe"

16 x 20 inches


"View From the Deck"
11 x 15 inches


"Low Country"
11 x 15 inches


"Lake Mayer, Savannah"
16 x 20 inches

My solo show in Dansville, NY sort of brings my intense digital work to somewhat of a conclusion --for now. I have begun a series of acrylic paintings of similar subjects: family and travel scenes.

I am switching frame styles in preparation for a small show with two other artists at a cozy local bookstore in Macedon NY. Feedback from a recent show suggests that the more elaborate frames suppress sales so I am switching those out in favor of simple float frames.


Macedon will be a small show in terms of quantity and available wall space so I will show my small works, mostly plein air subjects/sizes.



Two of my paintings of similar subjects. The first is an acrylic painting 16" x 20". The second is a digital painting (24" x 30") using a painting program called Art Rage, a digital pad with stylus.