Thirteen of my works are are display in Brockport, New York through the month of October 2016 at "Java Junction", 56 Main Street. Harvey of Java Junction is shown in the botom picture hanging one of the pieces.

With my two newest pieces I have changed my approach to a more painterly one. This is mostly the result of aquiring "ArtRage" a digital paint program/app. It has a wonderful oil brush tool that feels almost exactly like the real thing. It acts just like I am working oil paint with a brush! I still begin with one of my photographs in Phoroshop Elements --composing, stretching, repositioning, distorting and so on but then I switch to ArtRage and use a white layer to define edges and shapes, further ajusting the composition's rhythm and movement. I switch to the oil brush to actually paint the composition. The result is the look of an oil painting. The question now is whether to print on canvas or watercolor paper. I'm having proofs done on both to compare.


Below is "Church in Poland". At the bottom is the oringinal snap.


There are a couple of different ways I begin a painting. Here is one way.


1. I select one of my photos, usually from our travels.


2. The photo is manipulated: portions distorted by stretching, enlarging, pulling, turning, flipping, etc. I usually look to create drama through opposing diagonals/movements. I like to tilt things. Normally, I do not know exactly where I am going at this stage. I just start changing something that suggests intself to me and then I react to that.


3. I create a layer above the manipulated layer and begin to search out, by drawing in red on the top layer, a further developed composition of lines and shapes that will form the underpinning design of the image. This will, in later stages, help me to organize colors, lights and darks and edges of shapes and forms to create a rhythm or movement in the work. I try, especially, to create unity by a repetition of elements; e.g. a predominance of curve lines.


These stages will be followed by laying down some basic colors starting with the actual local colors from the original photo --just large shapes of color.

Three works were sold in the Gallery Espresso (Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia) show during the month of July.


I took this snap while in China a view years ago. I enjoy searching out and shooting pleasing compositions or, at least, compositions that might become pleasing by manipulation. Below the snap is the digitally altered version.

Java Junction in Brockport, NY will host my work during October this year.

Opened June 29, 2016

Bundled up and ready for the drive south. Show opens June 29. Comes down end of July.